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28th July 2003

14 May 2007

Doing a bit of editing of the archives... if you look back you might see that some of the pages have changed a bit. Mostly it's just minor tidying up, like fixing unreadable fonts and awkward wording, so nothing major. In any case, my apologies if it gets a bit confusing. Since I'm aiming for this project to be in print someday so I'm trying to keep the editing going while I'm working on the actual story so I don't have to go back and patch up anything major later...

12 May 2007

So today's update was quite fun - playing a little bit with different panel shapes and the page set-up as a whole. Been trying to incorporate more contrast and nuance with the completely black panels off-setting the white panels. Also, hoping to get more updates out these days.

08 May 2007

And so the updates continue...


Just trying to get my inspiration back.

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